A pellet stove is an investment for the years

A pellet stove is meant to last for years and years. With regular maintenance, a pellet stove can easily last over a decade. It is best thought of as a stylish piece of furniture that is super efficient in keeping your house warm. A pellet stove has far lower running costs than AC or gas stoves, and is much nicer to look at!

Frequently asked questions about price




How much does a pellet stove cost?

The stove price - after any discounts - ranges between €1200 and  €3000. We do not sell any "cheap" stuff and everything is guaranteed for a period of 3 years.

Do the listed prices include installation?

The listed stove prices do not include the cost of installation, which depends on each home's situation. Sometimes an installation is very straightforward, and sometimes rather complex with requirements such as ducting throughout the home, or underfloor heating. Therefore the installation cost depends on materials and time.


We can give a binding quote for installation only after a site visit, but generally, the installation costs between €500 and €1200 inclusive of delivery and materials.

Do you offer financing?

Qualifying customers get 70% of the total amount financed directly by us. The monthly payments are between €100 and €150, taken as a direct debit from a Maltese bank account. There are no banks involved


The stove is provided with a smart lock system and will work flawlessly as long as payments are up to date. When the balance is paid, the smart lock is permanently removed.


Note that the standard 10% discount on list price is only available if the customer does not choose financing.

What is your pricing policy?

We launched this business in Malta precisely because we knew first hand how much people were being charged for pellet stoves and installation. We have a different approach: we get our stoves directly from the manufacturers - people we have known for years - and cut out every middleman. This keeps prices low. Furthermore, we only use installers certified by the manufacturers, and this is the reason why we are the only company in Malta to offer a 3-year warranty.