Safe, clean, efficient. Choose a pellet stove to warm your home.

Pellet stoves provide energy-efficient heat, with the warmth and atmosphere of a real fireplace.  They are clean and safe to use. 


We are introducing to Malta and Gozo a full range of pellet stoves from top Italian brands at unbeatable prices.  We also offer pellet stove installation by certified technicians - again, at unbeatable prices.


We are committed to transparency


Is there anything more annoying than getting a quote and then finding out there are unexpected fees and other unpleasant surprises? We provide you with a transparent quote for stove and installation before you commit to anything.


Our Price Match Guarantee ensures we won't be beaten on price. Check the Pricing section about interest-free financing


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The many advantages of a pellet stove

A pellet stove is cheaper to run

Based on 2019 pellet and LPG canister prices in Malta, running a gas stove is 76% more expensive than pellet.

A pellet stove is cleaner (and cheaper) than a fireplace

A pellet stove is able to run for one or more consecutive days without stopping. Removal of ashes can be done in a couple of minutes with a vacuum. Pellets are exceptionally clean: for each 15 kg bag burned, between 300 and 450 grams of ash will be produced.

Super-efficient stoves

All our stoves have 90%+ efficiency ratings, with some reaching a 95%+ rating.

A pellet stove is safe

When installed by a certified technician, a pellet stove is very safe. Combustion occurs within a sealed chamber - you can see the fire, but no smoke can get out. Smart modern stoves will tell you when the time comes for an inspection and to clean the chimney (about once a year)

A beautiful stove, installed in your home in four easy steps

Technical call


Discuss your needs and what type of installation you need with our technician.

Pick your stove


Look at our catalogue and pick your favourite stoves from our wide range. Our prices are transparent with no hidden fees.



Our qualified technician installs your favourite stove in your home (normally takes around a day).



Our technician will certify that your installation conforms to the most recent European regulations.

Undecided between a pellet stove and a fireplace?


A traditional log-burning fireplace may sound like a good idea. But in Malta, a pellet stove is a much better option.   


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