Undecided between a pellet stove and a fireplace?


A traditional log-burning fireplace may sound like a good idea. But in Malta, a pellet stove is a much better option. Here are the main reasons why. 



Pellet stoves are 70% cheaper to run versus wood logs

A bag of wood logs for a traditional fireplace will cost you around €7 in Malta. The wood will last one, maybe two evenings. We sell 15kg bags of top quality wood pellets for €5 that will last two or three days. The maths are easily done: a pellet stove will cost you between 30 and 40 cents an hour to run; a traditional stove will cost you a euro an hour or more.  (Not to mention that you can store a winter's worth of pellets in a medium-sized cabinet) 

Minimum ash production

Wood pellet heaters produce so little ash, you may need to empty the built-in container once or twice a week. If you've used a traditional fireplace before, you know you'll have ash by the bucket to dispose of in the morning...

Much simpler and safer installation

While both log burners and pellet stoves need chimneys, a pellet stove can work with smaller chimneys which require less work to set up. Furthermore, pellet stoves forcibly expel the fumes by using a fan, while log burners rely on natural draft which isn't always present. As a result, pellet stoves burn cleaner and safer.

Safer house, safer kids

With the wood combustion occurring within a sealed chamber, your kids won't be tempted to stick their hands in the fire, and no sparks can pop out of the stove to land on your carpet, wooden furniture and other flammable materials. The body of a pellet stove is never too hot to the touch - just keep your hands away from the see-through glass.

Heat your home, not just your living room

Wood pellet stoves are simply more powerful than log burners. Our most powerful models pump out 14kW of heat while consuming much less fuel than a log burner. Log burners can't hope to have this kind of heat output. 

Wake up to a warm house 

Getting out of bed in your PJs, the last thing you will want to do is kindle a fire. Any of our pellet stoves can be set up to start the fire at a specific time. If you turn it on an hour before you get out of bed, you'll get to drink your first cup of coffee in a nice and warm house.


No mess, no stink

Wood pellets are burned in a sealed chamber - no smoke can come out of it into your home and the burning operation is close to odour-free. The combustion fumes are forced out of the stove and into the chimney by a fan. 

You don't need to babysit a pellet stove

Lighting a traditional fireplace, that romantic chore of handling kindling, paper, matches and paraffin is fun... maybe a few times a year. And you can't even pop out of the house for five minutes to buy eggs and milk - not with that fireplace that continuously needs logs to be added. With a pellet stove, you push a button and in a few minutes a bright warm wood fire is set up for you. The stove automatically adds wood as it needs it. The pellet tank holds fuel for several days' operation. Just put your feet up.


A powerful, bright flame

It is true that the first pellet stoves had a pretty weak-looking flame. But the new models we are proud to offer have flames that have nothing to envy to log burners. You can see an example right here.


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